Multi Wan, LoadBalancing, FailOver same gateway

  • Hi

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my setup..

    Everything SEEMS to be fine but I can't have both gateway return a online status even if both are working fine. If I disable the monitoring, everything works nicely.

    I've included a bunch of screenshot..

    • WAN: 6mbit DSL (Called GW_WAN)
    • WAN2: 12mbit DSL (Called GW_OPT1)

    With monitoring ON if I reset both connections, they become online for a short period then on of them (usually GW_OPT1) become offline.

    Anyone can point me out what's wrong with my setup ?



  • both connections have the same gateway address, this is only supported when using PPPoE.

    are you using PPPoE? If not, this can/will not work reliably.

  • Hi

    Yes, both DSL are PPPoE


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