Bridging Physical LAN with VLAN

  • Hi guys,

    Not sure if in the correct section nor certain on the exact terminology/wording for PFSense.

    I'm operating in a limited environment (equipment wise) with a client.

    They have a PFSense box with 4 NICs.

    Current setup:
    NIC1 - WAN port hooked upto DSL service
    NIC2 - LAN hooked upto an unmanaged switch
    NIC3 - Technically classed as a WAN as its setup as a client to get access onto another clients network/subnet as a route out.
    NIC4 - Unused currently - Wanting to be used as a VLAN trunk port for VLAN 10 / LAN and VLAN 20 / NIC3 network

    We have tested setting up VLANs for the 2 networks but the issue is:
    We are wanting to bridge together each tagged vlan and the physical port eg, VLAN 10 tagged on NIC4 with NIC2 LAN and VLAN 20 tagged on NIC4 and NIC3 network.

    I thought this would be an easy task but my fiddling with bridges doesn't seem to work how I want it.

    I'm used to linux bridging where I can have multiple physical and virtual interfaces all together.

    Hoping someone understands what I am trying to do and can assist.

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