PfSense on Hyper-V, LAN address changes when rebooted

  • Hey all, I'm new here and didn't find much regarding my issue.  My apologies if this has been answered or is in the wrong category.

    Over the weekend I installed pfSense over Hyper-V on Server 2012 R2.  Works great, except last night I realized that when I restart pfSense, my LAN IP changes from to  I have to manually go in and assign the IP, range, and DHCP designation to the LAN port.  Since 1.1 is the default, I'm curious as to where it could be getting the 1.100 assignment from?  Right now pfSense is my only DHCP server - it's disabled on my switch and my old router is set up as an AP.  Also maybe worth mentioning is that to make it work over Hyper-V, I had to add a script to disable and re-enable both links and set DHCP after reboot to the correct port, but there is nothing in the script that assigns the IP.  But also being new to freeBSD, maybe that is the problem?  Any ideas?

    Thank you for your help!

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