Pfsense,rockstor on vsphere

  • i will be building a  nas with a router in one box,i'm aware of all possible problems,and have been told that this project can and cannot work,i didn't come here to ask about this,instead,because of the way i set it up,could i connect the rockstor nas to pfsense via usb 3.0? would like to access the nas from anywhere,so will be also setting up openvpn in pfsense,not the rockstor plugin.

  • @jasper1224:

    could i connect the rockstor nas to pfsense via usb 3.0?

    connect via usb for what?  ???

  • um…to be able to access it from anywhere in the world,via vpn.......unless i'm wrong in this context in which i can use a home vpn to access my nas...

  • NAS = Network Attached Storage. It communicates with other machines on network via Ethernet cable, not usb.
    I have no experience with rockstor, but after a brief look I would say that your project should be possible. And if NAS and pfSense are in the same box you have two ways of connectin them:

    1. by providing them virtual NICs on a virtual switch in software
    2. by connecting physically using real NICs and cable either directly to each other or through switch
      But I can tell for sure that you will need to make a lot of reading, considering your qustions. Project won't be easy and may require a lot of tinkering. Start with official Rockstor and pfSense Docs about installation

  • i was aware that NAS stood for Network attached storage,was just hoping for a alternative to connect them,although virtual nics might be worth looking into.

  • ok,one more question,can i give it two drives?
    two partitions on the drive,one used for hosting the main os,virtual machines,one partition to pfsense for web cacheing

  • Technically you should be able to. But I do not see a reason, why would you separate partitions for pfSense and cache? Also, if you are using vSphere ESXi, main OS is stored on a usb drive.

    Here is my architecture for ESXi host with pfSense and other NAS OS. pfSense has Squid package installed on it for web caching. And both pfSense and cache are stored in one virtual disk on a single hard drive used for ESXi Datastore. Even when I will switch to ssd, I won't need to change anything in the setup because VM vDisks are taking really small fraction of disk. ESXi itself runs of a usb drive, as it should.

  • okay,so a usb of about what,4 GBs is fine?

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