2.2.5+ Problem with the Radius authentication.

  • Hi,
    Prior to versoin 2.2.5 I was using NPS 2012R2 and Radius authentication without problem, I then upgraded to 2.2.5+ and I had some issues signing in.

    I discovered that now PfSense is Expecting a class attribute 25. I seen in all the documentation that you need to change some properties on NPS to make it send the Class attributes as a text field rather than an Octet field.

    However for the life of me I searched everywhere for that information and wasn't able to locate any web reference on how to configure NPS to send the correct string.

    I am almost resigning to use another Radius server only for PfSense, but I wanted to know if anyone has a way of changing the NPS configuration so it will send the correct format?

    Thanks a lot!!!!

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