4 DSL Lines (WAN) Loadbalancing/Failover

  • Dear all,

    i know that this case maybe exist many times in here, but i have spent many hours and haven't find any CLEAR guide to do this…

    I have 5 ethernet cards 1 Lan and 4 Wans which goes to 4 DSL modem/routers of the same provider.

    I want to do Loadbalancing AND Failover... Is there any clear guide anywhere? Now with some basic rules seems to work but i have problems with failover... I have made onle one Pool on loadbalancing (which seems to be wrong...)...

    Could anyone help me with the combinations that i should use so this system works? I want only internet access with no special port forwarding or something...

    Any help would be appreciated...


  • What are your problems with failover?

    When one of the lines get marked as down it wont be used anymore for loadbalancing.
    I dont know how you want more failover than that.

  • Hi, thanks for your answer… I don't want more failover than that as you said..! But it seems not to be working and i wonder if i need more rules..or something... I have made only one pool with these four modems. The problem is that when two of them are down, clients have no internet at all!... After reseting the modems everything is fine..(our telephone company here sucks...)

    I have seen over internet different configs and combinations of fail over... thats why i am asking do i have to make all possible combinations of 'fail' or the system understands if any modem of any order fails, works with the remaining ones?

    Thank you

  • Also another question is… when i have 4 wans fail over will work up to one working? I mean it can work even if 3 of 4 modems fail? Or can cover one per fail? So i wonder is this config right?

  • You kind of dont need that many pools.
    The first one is enough :)
    (Since it's the only one you use in he LAN rule).

    Could you show a screenshot of the config page of the pool itself?

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    You did change the gateway of your default pass rule on the LAN interface, don't you? If not, change it from reading "default" in the standard configuration to the balance pool you defined (BALANCE). That should do - and as GruensFroeschli already said, your BALANCE pool is enough if you just want failover and if you do not need outgoing loadbalancing.

  • Yeap, i need Load balancing  AND failover… because i have low bandwidth in my area and bad stability of lines...

    Here is the balance pool

    and here the pass rules… first ones are for accessing the modems, and the last goes to balancing pool, right?

  • Looking at the Behavior section, it says "both active", but the order is from top to down.. so what happens on clients connected through OPT3 if this modem fails? Thats why i made all these pools which i am not sure if it uses them as in the firewall i change the default gateway to LoadBalancing pool only as you said…its a little bit confusing eh? :-\

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    IMHO this means, that all given interfaces are used (balancing). If one of them fails, connections are served using the three working ones. If someone has sth like a streaming video over OPT3 and this modem breaks, the connection will stop. If he/she clicks resume or reload, it will stream again (as now the stream is served over one of the three remaining lines).
    I only had balancing settings with 2 interfaces so I cannot say much about the top down priorization

  • Thanks, so anyone with 4 or more modems and config similar to this?  :)

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