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  • Hi.

    I have a pfsense box with 1 lan NIC attached to a large switch. Most machines are dhcp clients but several of the machines on the lan are really much more 'server' oriented than client oriented and utilize static mappings. As-such I would like to put those servers on their own subnet to avoid ip conflicts, beef up security and ease administration so that each server need not have a set of rules duplicated specifically for its IP (network-based rulesets).

    Is such a thing (multiple lan subnets) possible with only 1 lan NIC or is another NIC required?


  • Cheers. Absolutely livid with myself when I ask things that are documented publicly elsewhere, still, a search on the docs website for "multiple subnets" actually doesn't reveal the document you pointed to so I hope you'll forgive.

    I noted that the document referred to a GUI method for handling this in 1.3. Is it, in your opinion, safe to assume that, syntactically, the manual method described will be comparable to the gui-driven version? I'd hate to make a change only to have it cause breakage in 1.3.

    Regards (and thanks).

  • I'm not sure if it's even linked in the docs.
    I only know about this because cmb posted it here:,6784.0.html

    I'm not sure if in 1.3 the gui solution will just be an implementation of the described procedure in the pdf.
    But dont worry about breaking someting when you update to 1.3
    1.3 is still more than a year (or even more) away :)

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