I350-T2v2 2.2.6-RELEASE Trying to Disable Flow Control

  • I have been trying to disable flow control for the i350-T2, but have been unable.  The instructions have been followed, but it seems that particular settings are ignored.  I have used:


    I have tried in boot/loader.conf  boot/loader.conf.local  and even etc/sysctrl.conf.  None of the settings used nor the locations used will disable flow control.  sysctrl dev.igb will always reports dev.igb.0.fc:  3 and dev.igb.1.fc:  3

    Seemingly something simple ends up being a bit complicated.  Any insight and help to this is much appreciated.

  • Add it under System>Advanced, Tunables tab.

  • Thank you, that was one area in which I didn't think of using.  The reason as to why, is that the tunable, kern.ipc.nmbclusters=131072, did not work when configured this way.  At first tunable hw.igb.fc_setting=0 didn't work, but I am persistent and there are a few possible configurations.  So, I used dev.igb.0.fc=0 and dev.igb.1.fc=0 as tunables and finally flow control was disabled on WAN and LAN.  I also configured hw.igb.header_split: 1 but that didn't work as a tunable.  However, flow control is finally disabled, and that was my goal.

    Thank you

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