Pfsense 2.2.6 connection issues

  • My setup is the following:

    1 pc with two NICs running pfsense.
    1 modem connected to eth0.
    1 laptop connected to eth1.

    Right now I have two problems:

    1. WebGUI connections are extremely slow. When navigating to a tab, it takes 30 seconds to two minutes to open it and during that time I think my WAN goes down.
    2. When WAN is up and I do a test on, I hit the usual speeds I would expect in the beginning but then get random slowdowns before the connection recovers again.

    Where do I start fixing these?

  • First, complete your network…. and then...  test.  Even though it may work as connected it's not ideal and may not be reliable.  Not to mention, both NICs would need to support Auto MDI/MDI-X and Auto-negotiation.

    Go buy a switch, finish your network and retest.

    I would also recommend PCIe NICs if you have the slots.

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