Magic packet seems not be that magic at all! Need help!

  • Dear PF users,

    I am trying to get the Wake On Lan feature on pfsense to work. Of coarse WOL is largely dependent on other conditions. Well that's the major problem.

    I have 2 L3 switches connected through a trunk. One is pointing via a router port the pfsense firewall.
    3 VLANS are setup.

    I have followed the WOL guide on cisco.

    If you look closely, the WOL magic packets originate from a server in VLAN3. In my situation, the WOL packets originate from outside any vlan, thus from the firewall.

    When looking at the config part on the webpage, instead of putting the broadcast ip helper addresses of my particular vlans on the VLAN SVI , I instead configured the ip helper broadcast addresses on the switch physical router port.
    I felt this was logic, but still couldn't wake up a particular host through pfsense. It could be the wrong number e.g udp 7. They say you can capture the packet, well okay, but I don't have no knowledge about a  packet sniffer yet, and I want to play the ball shortly.

    There are no other access-lists at the moment yet.

    Can you guys give me an idea where to start, because this time I believe after having resolved so many other issues, we really have a no go this time.

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    diag, packet capture.. Capture packets

    Looks like 40000 to me

  • JohnPoz,

    Indeed it was.

    Case closed

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