Modify /usr/local/bin/ to play startup and shutdown sounds via mp3

  • I modified in the following way to play mp3 sounds on the integrated speaker connected to the soundcard on my board (mpeg321 is installed to play mp3s).
    (My board does not have a mainboard beeper.)

    It works for the startup but not for the shutdown jingle. The shutdown sound does not work with the file used for startup either.
    What could be wrong with my

    Also: Maybe someone has a recording of the original pfsense jingle, that would be awesome.

  • I found out today that the shutdown sound gets played, if I logoff from pfsense via the webgui. What commands does the webgui use for reboot and halt (shutdown)? I'd like to implement those commands into my shutdown script.

  • That's a great idea!

  • I ended up implementing the shutdown sound  into my shutdown script (python). I have no clue why ("$1" = stop)  does not get called when shutting down via "shutdown -p now", nor via the "halt" command. I am giving up on as its functions via python script.

  • I like this approach because many modern hardware although they have onboard speaker, or at least they do have speaker header connector, they don't play any sound at the beep command.
    It's somehow related to the onboard soundcard.

    For example, on an HP t5730 thin client, you don't get any beeps - using beep command (not even in Linux) unless you keep the onboard soundcard enabled on BIOS.

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