More then 500 vlan's

  • Hi,

    I need to configure more then 500 vlan interfaces in pfsense.

    All these need to have a

    • private IP /28 address which will be NATted
    • IPv6 address
    • DHCP on each subnet

    Will pfsense be able to do this? And if so is there a easy way to configure it or does everything need to be done via web gui?

  • technically yes. is this a gonna work nice & smooth: no

    the webgui isn't meant to handle that ammount of interfaces. its been reported in the past that it becomes incredibly slow & unusable.

    you might be better of using private-vlans on your switch & work with a transit network towards pfSense.

  • Thank for responding.

    Is this due of the "interface" tab that expands with all the available interfaces when you hover over it? If this is the case then will the upcoming release of pfSense 2.3 with nginx also be affected by this?
    IF so then will it be fixable when I made request in "Post a bounty"  to make a checkbox somewhere that says "Don't list interfaces in main menu"? Then I can still view and edit them when I click "(assign)". And something similar for the DHCP settings I guess.

    I'm I on the right track here? or are there any other things that need attention? Reason that I don't want to do it on a router/switch is because I need to NAT all of these 500+ networks. A router/switch is not as powerful for this as a server with pfSense. If the webgui is the only thing that is preventing this then I willing to help with development by posting a bounty for it.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    There is nothing stopping you from using pfSense to NAT for 500 ports on a layer 3 switching infrastructure.

    It would do that quite well.

    • private IP /28 address which will be NATted

    Seems like for 500 ports you really want a layer 3 switching solution. Are all these 500 ports within 100m of each other or are you dealing with multiple wiring closets?

    • IPv6 address

    I assume you mean IPv6 /64

    • DHCP on each subnet

    You will want to use your switching infrastructure or an external DHCP server with helpers for this. pfSense will not be the way to go.

    But if you want to build all that behind pfSense, it will NAT for you beautifully.

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