[Semi-Solved] Captive Portal work but i have no internet

  • Hello !
    I have a captive portal with an open ldap for the authentification and all it work, but i can't acces the internet

    This is what i have :

    I precise i haven't the Dns Resolver service activated and i'm in a corporation there have yet a proxy and a firewall.
    Can you help me please ? I'm ready to share any settings, logs or pictures of the configuration there.

    Sorry for my english, Thank you

  • I can acces the internet, this is my fault, i forget to fil the proxy config in the clients because we work with a proxy in our corporation.
    But i have already fil the proxy config in pfsense, i was thinking clients work natively with the proxy yet renseign in pfsense but not, i have to fil the proxy address in each client…

    There not a solution for have not to renseign proxy with hand in each client ???

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