[BADLY NEED HELP] squid+dansguardian blocking HTA (mshta.exe) application

  • Good Morning Sir/Ma'am,

    I've been using pfsense as our proxy server for a while now since we have an existing firewall (watchguard) an obsolete model, that's why i did not used to filter our internet.

    I am using squid+dansguardian. But there's one thing bothers me most, I cannot passed a hta(mshta.exe) era net application on web, it is like we are using hta application to access to our server. I already allowed it in dansguardian acl, also allow associated extension in extension tab but still no luck,

    Anyone who experience this as well?

    Please let me know. I really badly needed your help.

    Thank You so much in advance guys.

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