Can't isolate wireless and wired networks

  • Is anyone here familiar with pfsense configuration?

    I am trying to isolate a wired personal computer from a wireless router (for laptops, phones etc.) with a pc router using three intel network adapter cards, installed with pfsense.

    I have assigned three interfaces. WAN, LAN and OPT1.

    WAN  network adapter assigned em0.
    LAN  network adapter assigned em1. (static IPv4
    OPT1 network adapter assigned em2. (I have given static IPv4

    When I try to access the gui, I can use either or
    Also when running Nmap at the command line on either network, I see both and

    What rules need to be passed so I can isolate both networks?
    Should I be using a VLAN configuration?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • You need to create firewall rules for your LAN and OPT1 interfaces that block traffic going to the other networks.

    For example, on the LAN side, you should block traffic to Destination OPT1 network. On the OPT1 side, you should block traffic to Destination LAN network. The protocol should be Any, and you may need to create two rules per interface if you use IPv6 (one for IPv4 traffic, one for IPv6 traffic). I don't remember if you can pick IPv4+IPv6 and Any or not.

    Make sure these rules go before your "Allow all" rules in the list.

  • So I go into Firewall/Rules/Edit

    Do I change Source and Destination Settings?

  • OK that worked. Thankyou!

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