DNS Fowarder just does not work.

  • Friends, there is a bug in the DNS Forwarder in pfSense 2.2.6?

    I've already set of all possible ways, following which sends various manuals, but all show the same thing in a simple and practical. Well the fact is that computers do not resolve FQDN names when using pfSense as primary DNS, I have to open port 53 on the firewall to computers to query external DNS like,, etc.

    Can anyone give me a light?

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    The forwarder works just fine.. Whatever you issues is more than likely is PEBKAC..

    So lets see your config, lets see a query..  Where are you pointing pfsense to for dns, which is where the forwarder will send traffic.

    Here I disabled the resolver, and enabled the forwarder pointing to my isp dns.. As you can see I can resolve local stuff just fine pfsense.local.lan, I can resolve stuff outside www.google.com, As you see when doing a packet capture on pfsense, it is sending the query to my isp dns I setup, and getting a response.

  • Thanks for the help, I will do tests later. Face I see a few different things in your image, the first is that you have selected the interfaces of the networks that will redirect DNS lookups, I was not scoring any interface. The second thing I noticed is that you marked the Strict Interface Binding option.


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    Those options should have no effect.. By default it will listen on all interfaces.  When I had played with it before I didn't want it listening on all interfaces is all.  I can show you it works with the all setting and non strict if you like.

  • Running my DNS Forwarder with no issues as well. I'm set to ALL interfaces and have 2 of the register settings checked. My DNS is pointed at OpenDNS servers.

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