Multiple static IP's on WAN

  • Hi All

    I am a pfSense newbie. Previously we have been using vyatta.

    I set up pfSense where we have an adsl bb connection through BT. We have a netgear router set to bridge mode and then linked to the pfSense box. We have the second interface connected to a switch and and then a laptop connected to the switch. The LAN IP on the pfSense is set to default 1.1 and my local PC is set to 1.2. When i configure the WAN to be on PPOE and i enter the BB username and password I get internet connectivity but with a dynamic ext IP address.

    When i change the IP's to static IP's we have through BT (/29) and also enter the default GW to that given to me by BT I have no internet connectivity.

    A quick search on the internet got me to this video ( of a user who required to do the same thing as me, however my setup does not work. Hence the reason for posting.

    Is there something that I am missing or have not mentioned that may help to troubleshoot. I am using 2.2.6 release.

    Sorry again if i have missed out any important information.

  • I've seen this happen a few times and in every case either the modem was not configured correctly or the ISP gave the user incorrect information.

    A very simple test would be to plug a laptop directly into the modem and enter your static info.  If it doesn't work (and I suspect it won't), you will have to call your ISP.

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