Ipsec routing - MPLS failover

  • Greetings,

    We currently have a VPN mesh using IPSec between a handful of sites.  We are upgrading to a MPLS cloud and there is a desire to maintain our VPNs as failover.

    This seems like it would be simple and so far most sites (not running pf) have come up and failover tests work.  However I'm unable to get pfsense to even use the MPLS circuit without tearing down the VPN.

    Despite a gateway and a more specific static route, the pfsense continues to send traffic out the VPN tunnel.  Ive also tried to create a policy based gateway rule that would forward the traffic toward MPLS but nothing seems to work.  It appears that the implementation if IPSec in pfsense is so low in the stack it cannot be overridden.

    Am I incorrect?  Can the ipsec encapsulation (and any related anti-spoofing) decision be overridden with routes, policy, etc (anything short of removing the phase 2 for that address space)?

    Or to relax the question, how would you recommend MPLS connectivity with IPSec failover on PFSense?

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