Bridged LAN+OPT1-4 on 4860

  • I have a new 4860.

    I followed the instructions on this page:

    to create a bridge, my intent is to have my LAN and all four OPT ports on the same network.  The reason being I have four WiFi Hotspots providing the same service around the building.

    When I create that bridge, and follow those directions only the machines on the LAN port can talk to the PFsense router, or if they do talk the performance of the browser to configure anything is several minutes to load the page.

    I have the router sitting here, and if I plug a computer directly into the LAN port, my management web page works great.  If I plug it into Opt1, no management, same for OPt2-4.

    What am I missing?  I don't see a way to add an IP to the bridge, i have all the OPT ports enabled, and no IP assigned.


  • Alright, so I believe I figured it out.  That above link was fairly incorrect in how to do it.

    If anyone is searching the steps are -

    Create a Bridge, include the ports you want.

    Create a new interface, assign the bridge to it.

    The tricky part that annoyed me is you can't do this next part remotely, you have to be on the console.  I wish this had a 'configure then apply' but it didn't.

    You de-assign the IP to the LAN port, and then assign the IP to the new bridge port your created / assigned the bridge too.  If there is a way to do that via the web interface without getting disconnected, I can't find it.

    That seems to address it.  I'm still struggling with performance and weirdness but can't seem to see what is causing that yet

  • Glad you got yourself up and running.

    Before you get too far down your current path, you might want consider just bypassing the whole "bridging NICS to simulate an internal switch" approach and just get a small switch.
    They're cheap (<$30) and will definitely perform better than multiple NICs.

    Save yourself grief in the future, plus you can keep those extra internal NIC's for the scenario(s) you may find later (want a "guest" only WiFI?, need to add some isolated machines? etc.)

    Just my $.02, but you'll find this general opinion echoed  alllllll over the forums  8)