Can't connect to steam network through steam client

  • I just set up a pf box running the latest os, configured some port forwards for some servers im running which all work fine. Origin and Uplay game clients will both work correctly, when I try to connect to steam through the client it fails to connect. any ideas?

  • I've been running PFsense since 2009 (v1.2.3) and I've never had a problem with Steam or anything else.

    Unless you've modified your firewall rules, PFsense is not the issue.

  • The only additional rules in the firewall that were not default are the ones that are auto added when you set up a port forward, when plugging directly into the modem it connects fine. The only other possibility is the netgear nighthawk that I have in AP mode for wireless.

  • Post a network map, so we can see how things are connected and what your IP ranges are.

    Also, check the logs for blocks.

  • I figured it out, some how the netgear router knocked itself out of AP mode which was causing the issue.

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  • @nadeemabasa : your forgot step 5 : "when some network device goes down, it should be removed from the network, or re inited." Because that was the case here. Some Netgear device transformed the network in a "router after router" situation. That wasn't a transparent issue fro the Steam client.