Nat works for Virtual IP but not for WAN address

  • Hi,

    I have used pfsense for many years and I have set up NAT with multiple externals IP many times using proxy ARP, but this time I am stumped.

    The setup is simple with two external IP-addresses:

    xxx.131.147.41 = proxyARP
    xxx.131.147.29 = WAN address
    GW = xxx.131.147.126

    and one LAN= 192.168.140.x

    Three port forwards from proxyARP address (xxx.131.147.41) to two different internal hosts on the LAN (ftp/http/ICMP)

    Three  port forwards from WAN address to a single host on the LAN (http + two custom ports)

    The first three port forwards works like a charm. The other are not working at all.

    However, if I change external IP from WAN address to proxyARP for the failing port forward it works. This would rule out any connectivity problems on the host.

    Any ideas were to continue looking?


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