NIC (for OPT1) was removed…will the config settings still be available?

  • Hello all,

    Being somewhat of a newbie, I didn't realize that: a) I should have taken a backup (or at least screenshots) of my configuration (specifically a bunch of firewall rules that I spent a few days creating) - once it had reached "steady-state", and b) that I should not have just pulled-out the card, without first having taken screenshots/backups. Oh well….I guess I might have learnt a lesson!

    I pulled out the card (without thinking) since it was the last day to return it....and I was getting a multi-port card the following day.

    So now that I have possession of the 4-port card, I was wondering a) would the old config settings for OPT1 "just show up", once I setup one of the 4-ports as OPT1, or have I lost all of those settings, and will have to re-create them....and b) what would the best way to approach this new hardware change i.e. putting in a new 4-port card, and pulling out even the existing LAN card (since I will be returning that as well).

    Please note that I have now taken a backup (Download Configuration), as well as screenshots.


  • b) that I should not have just pulled-out the card, without first having taken screenshots/backup

    Hopefully you at least powered off the unit first  ;)

    You should be OK if as long as you can match up your hardware specs (em0, re1, sk0, etc.) to the appropriate Logical NICs (OPT1, LAN, WAN, etc).
    All your rules should stay connected to their respective NIC assignments.

    As a small safety, once you've done the NIC assignment (from the console) you can shell in and check the /cf/conf/backup folder.
    You'll find your previous config changes including the last one before you pulled the card.
    You can also find those entries via the GUI at "Diagnostics->Backup/Restore->Configuration History"

  • @divsys,

    Thanks for your reply….and the suggestions provided.

    Yes, I certainly did power down the machine (before I pulled out the card) doubt about that at all!

    So...the card that I pulled out (logical NIC OPT1) had a hardware spec of re2 (being that it was the second single-port realtek-based card in the machine....the first one was assigned to LAN).

    With that being said, do you think it would now be possible for me to match up the new/changed hardware specs to the appropriate logical NIC(s)? In other words, I now do not have a second realtek-based NIC, and therefore I wouldn't have an option of re2 (to assign to OPT1)....correct?

    If the above is correct, would I have to resort to the other option you suggested i.e. use the configuration history to obtain the required info?

    I have taken a look at the entries via the GUI at "Diagnostics->Backup/Restore->Configuration History", and I find that there are 30 entries for that one particular day (Feb 23rd). How do I work with those i.e. backup/export and then restore/import one-at-a-time?

    Thanks again.

  • Just plug the new card in and power the box up.
    As long as the card is recognized, the system will automatically take you through the initial NIC assignments on the console.

    It will list the new physical drivers (em0, sk1, re2, whatever applies) as available for assignment.
    Just chose the new physical port for your original slots and you'll be good to go.

    As far as backups go, you can click on the "Download" button by each entry to download them.
    You can look at the contents to get an idea of how and what data is stored.
    It's possible to manually edit those files and then restore them, to eliminate the console assignment phase though that can be tricky.

    In your case I don't think you'll need to go that route as long as your new card is recognized.
    Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

  • Okay thanks….I'll try (what you suggested) tomorrow morning - since I don't want to end-up spending hours right now, fiddling around whilst the WiFi is down, and the family members getting all boisterous with me.

    Will shout out if things go awry tomorrow.