4860 and a 300MB Cable Service

  • Hi -

    Recently my networking provider (TWC) added300MB to what was 50MB service here.  So I upgraded my old Mikrotik router to a Netgate 4860 I purchased through PFSense store.

    I unboxed it yesterday, and did some basic configuration.  I turned on a few packages like Squid, Snort, and the bandwidth logs.

    Now I am experiencing some connection performance problems, so severe I think something isn't done right, but I can't seem to see anything that stands out as 'doing it wrong'.

    My CPU load average hovers around 0.86, 0.81, 0.60 or '4%'

    My memory usage is at 20%.

    I have not created any firewall rules other than to allow local traffic on my internal ports, and I created a bridge for my three ports that are connected to my WiFi hotspots (Mikrotiks set up as Bridges).

    if I plug my computer straight into my cablemodem and use 'TestMy.Net' to run a test I can get 150MB + in performance.

    Once I hook up the PFSense, reboot the modem & wait for the router to come up the best I've gotten so far is 20MB.  This is me standing in front of router with the same laptop that just gets 150MB directly attached to the modem, now attached to one of the ports on the 4860 (opt4 in this particular case)

    That seems…way off.  I'd read up ahead of time of people reporting much faster than 300MB maximum I could do.

    I was wondering what I could provide to you to help me figure out what I did wrong, as downloading files now has turned into hour long process if not most of the day for big updates (>1GB) which doesn't seem right.

    Thank you.

  • Have you tried turning off the additional packages you've enabled?
    Have you verified that speed and duplex are correct on the 4860 when your laptop is plugged into it?

  • First I'd turn off Squid, or start with no packages at all, to narrow down the possible causes.

    I'm running a 4860 at home on TWC's 300/20 service, consistently get ~350/22 with minimal CPU load.

  • OK.  thanks, i'll give that a shot tonight.  was really hoping to use squid to allow me to monitor some of my kids usage without being an ogre about it.  was just going to use it to report on the most common web links followed and start any conversations as needed.

    I did a quick test, and it appears it makes a difference over wifi, but going to hook up physically this evening after work and re-verify.

  • It's not necessarily that you can't use Squid, just that narrowing down the possibilities is a good idea.

    If you're testing from wifi, that's not going to be fast enough to keep up, your connection's much faster than wifi. Try from a wired system.

  • Oh sure, I don't expect 300mb over 802.11ac but I did expect more than 10mb

    With squid3 v0.4.7 disabled I can get 70mb/s over 802.11n and 20mb upload, with it back on its 15mb/s and 8mb/s

    Proxy is set to transparent.  Clamav is on.  I haven't modified much else at this point.  I haven't found anything to indicate any settings yet I can tweak but still looking

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