Do I need to install/setup a mail utility for pfSense?

  • I added the Sarg package for Squidguard reporting. It works fine and I'm able to view the reports from within pfSense. However, I would like to have it email me the reports. When I run the "sarg -x" command from the shell to test, it gives me the message "mailx: not found".

    I know that within the Sarg.conf file there is a place to specify a mail utility. The one there right now is the default - "mailx".

    # TAG: mail_utility
    #      Mail command to use to send reports via SMTP. Sarg calls it like this:
    #         mail_utility -s "SARG report, date" "output_email" <"mail_content"
    #      Therefore, it is possible to add more arguments to the command by specifying them
    #      here.
    #      If you need too, you can use a shell script to process the content of /dev/stdin
    #      (/dev/stdin is the mail_content passed by Sarg to the script) and call whatever
    #      command you like. It is not limited to mailing the report via SMTP.
    #      Don't forget to quote the command if necessary (i.e. if the path contains
    #      characters that must be quoted).
    #mail_utility mailx

    I would change it in the conf file if I knew what to change it to. I'm guessing though that I need to actually install a mail utility. Can anybody provide some direction on doing that if this is what is needed?