IPSec and bridging

  • Hi guys,
    is there a way to configure IPSec so that VPN clients are part of a bridged network?
    I have done that with OpenVPN a couple of times and people appreciate that. And SoftEther also seems to be able to do just that.

    Because IPSec clients always have IP addresses from a different network, it does nt seem possible, correct?
    Maybe this is complete nonsense, but perhaps it can be mitigated by overlapping server LAN IP adresses with client assigned segment?
    Server LAN
    Client LAN

    I would imagine that TCPIP datagrams would then be broadcasted - but really would they?
    Thanks, shpokas

  • Why is it an issue to have IP addresses on different subsets?

  • When VPN client is in the same network as servers, network resources are visible in file tools - Windows Explorer or Finder.
    Makes a difference for many.

  • What you actually want is the client on the same broadcast domain, not (just) the same IP subnet. You can use a mobile IPsec tunnel network that's a subset of your LAN, if you add proxy ARP on LAN for that subset, but that won't get the clients on the same broadcast domain. No mobile IPsec clients support that.

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