Utilize GPU computational power for VPN connections

  • I was wondering if there is a way to utilize GPU computational power to complete certain task such as VPN encryption and compression.  I know that GPU computational power can be used for password hashing and bitcoin mining.  More CPUs have integrated GPUs, so I just wondering if it would be feasible to do in pfsense.  If not VPN connections perhaps something else?

    If there is already a configuration or way to accomplish this, I apologize as I am new to pfsense community.

  • I've read a few times in the past that some researchers created GPU friendly algorithms for similar topics like routing, but in general, GPUs tend to do poorly with these sorts of things.

    GPUs are horrible at any code that needs to use branches and any code that uses random memory access. The natural issue with IO related problems is data flows tend to be asynchronous of each other. In order to allow a GPU to process them, you first need to synchronize the flows, then lay them out in memory in a non-random way. My guess is even if you could do this, unless you had a huge number of flows that were overwhelming your computer, you'd be better off just using the CPU.

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    No, there isn't. That's what AES-NI and, eventually, QAT (onboard or add-in cards) will be used for.

  • More CPUs have integrated GPUs, so I just wondering if it would be feasible to do in pfsense.

    Why they should write code for something that is really long times available from the lower bottom to the
    highest top? There are cards that can be easily used for this with much more power like the internal GPU
    of a CPU.

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