Migrate configuration to new HW

  • Is there an easy way to migrate the pf configuration to a new hardware? I guess i cannot use a backup from the old hw due to the NIC conf.

    I basically want to configure the NICs in the new hw, and add all the other preconfigured configuration data.

    One solution i have thought of, is to add the new hardware into the cluster, remove the old hw, and change the "Advertising Frequency" and some CARP settings in the new hw. This should be possible, right? Is there any other way?

    // Eskild

  • Backup the config from the old box and restore on the new HW.  On the next bootup the box will automatically detect the hardware change and force you to reassign the nics.  At this point it should work the way it previously did.

  • Perfect, i'll try that.


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