SG-2220 and 2 WANs

  • I'm very new to networking in general, so please excuse my ignorance.  I'm trying to set up a small office with 2 WANs set to either load balancing or failover.  It's a network for a small medical practice that does some of its office work in the cloud and has six lines of VOIP, so bandwidth use is steady, but not particularly high.  We are currently paying $200/mo for a business internet line, but it has gone down for several hours recently.  My  thinking is that we could just buy residential lines from two separate ISPs and get a better uptime rate than with 1 business line, plus save some money.  Our existing router is the SG-2220.  From my reading of the spec sheet, it should be capable of a multi-WAN setup.  But there is only one WAN port.  Does that mean I just connect the WAN port on the SG-2220 –-> a switch ---> two cable modems?

    Also, in general does anyone have an opinion on this plan?


  • I do not see this working. I would've thought you could use VLANs through an intermediate switch, but I don't think you can get VLANs operational on the WAN side of things. I think you need one port per WAN.

  • It's best to have one physical port per WAN, otherwise you're introducing a different single point of failure for both WANs, the switch in between. But you can put a managed switch on the WAN NIC, configure VLANs on the switch and firewall sides, so you have one VLAN for each WAN.

    Your plan in general of going with multi-WAN is reasonable if they're two completely separate connections from two different providers. That's discussed, along with other considerations you should keep in mind, in much greater depth in the multi-WAN chapter of the book (login required with active support or gold, the account you registered your 2220 under will work).

  • Also, in general does anyone have an opinion on this plan?

    Buy a device with three LAN Ports or NICs or try out a USB to LAN adapter, but this often ends up then
    with more trouble then help, so it would be more a workaround and not a solution.

    Alternatively you could use them both as WAN Ports and then connect only over the WiFi system.

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