2 WANs setup not working.

  • Hello,

    I am a noob to pfsense.  I have 2 ISP's that run to a router that handles failover and balancing.  That runs into a VMware server that handles DNS and DHCP out to a switch to terminals.  My issue is with setting up pfsense with snort so that it reads all of the traffic.  On my alerts, everything I see comes from or goes to my DNS/DHCP server and I can't see any external IP.  The way it's currently setup means that snort is really no help because it looks like everything is on my local network.  When I setup snort I made a VLAN and set it to promiscuous mode as well.

    ISP1                      ISP2
          Router Load Bal
          Server DHCP/DNS
          Switch to terminals

    Alerts only show to and from terminal IP's.

  • Would it be a solution to set up two WAN groups and merge them into a single WAN Gateway Group and let
    snort looking then on this.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I'm not sure.  I setup a span on the switch and connected it to another NIC on the server and set that Virtual machine on that specific NIC.  The problem I will have now is that I'm not sure how to bridge the two vSwitches, so I can access pfSense on by the web.

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