PFSense + Statically Routed IPs

  • I am a total newbie when it comes to PFsense and i'm looking to possibly buy one of the routers and use it for my DC. I have 2 Subnet blocks provided by my ISP, the 1st block is a /28 block that has a gateway and is what you would expect when configuring a network. The 2nd Block has every IP statically routed so that they can save on wasting IPs for Network/Broadcast. I know some routers have had issues with configuring statically routed IPs. I know some of the routers call this unnumbered. Can PFsense handle having one IP block which has a gateway then binding additional IPs from another block with a mask? Please advise, don't want to have to buy one of these to find out it doesn't work.

    Your help is appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you are talking about a subnet routed to one of the addresses on your /28 you will be fine.

    You can:

    Just use the addresses on pfSense WAN as virtual IP addresses

    Assign the routed subnet to an interface behind your WAN and put hosts on that subnet with public IP addresses. This is probably preferred especially since you can use the other addresses on the /28 as VIPs if you need them. You would get the benefit of pfSense as a firewall to all the hosts and you would have no NAT.

    But, as always, it really depends on what it is you need to accomplish.

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