Can someone tell me whether this is right?

  • I have a subscription of opendns content filtering service. Here is my setup:

    1, system/general: the two designated opendns DNS servers on WAN interface,
    2, dhcp service: DNS server blank
    3, DNS forwarder enabled,
    4, DNS resolver disabled
    5, squid enabled
    6, squidguard enabled
    7, opencpn client with PIA active

    With this setup, is it that the opendns service supposed not work? Instead, the squidguard should work as the content filter? However, the content is still filtered through opendns. Does this mean the my ip address is actually leaked to opendns? The DNS-O-matic is not supposed to work with PIA Vpn service. This mean opendns still sees my real IP address, right?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    How do you think the proxy looks up the IP of where you want to go???  It gets forwarded to what you setup as your dns - which is clearly opendns.

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