Sonicwall/PFSense - VPN with IPSEC

  • I'm trying to to setup a Sonicwall/PFSense 2.0 VPN using IPSEC.  My networks are (Sonicwall) and on the PFSense side

    On the Sonicwall, the VPN shows enabled, the on the PFSense, it says the same.  I can ping devices from the PFSense network (10.100.5.x) to 10.100.2.x, but I cannot ping 10.100.2.x to 10.100.5.x.

    I currently have configured the following rules:

    PF Sense
    1. WAN > UDP 4550 (IPSEC NAT-T)
    2. WAN > UDP 500 (ISAKMP)
    3. IPSEC > Protocol/Any: Source -, Any Port, Any Gateway

    Here's the rules:

    On the Sonicwall side, I have a rule to allow all traffic from the VPN to the range of addresses I need to access (I created an address object).  The VPN says up and the policy looks OK:

    I'm a little stuck on where to go from here, any help would be appreciated.

  • My sonicwall/pfsense tunnel was working fine but now I'm having a similar problem.

    I can ping from the sonicwall side to the pfsense side but not pfsense to sonicwall.

    …and AFAIK nothing has changed! I can't find anything in the logs either. Hmm

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