CBQ "Borrow from other queues when available" is it sharring or borrowing?

  • I setup a CBQ traffic shaper, to maintain low pings in my games, we got about 7 users all watching either netflix or youtube.

    so because depending on how you read "Borrow from other queues when available" it can be difficult to know whats meant.

    does "Borrow from other queues when available" mean allow other queues to borrow from me when I have some unused.

    or does "Borrow from other queues when available" mean when I need more bandwidth borrow it from other queues when THEY have it available.


  • Usually (a dangerously imprecise term), bandwidth borrowing means using BW that is unused.

    When there is contention, CBQ probab!y shares by bandiwidth vs allocated percentage vs time-span, but I am guessing.

  • Don't forget to try enabling CoDel if you have more than 2Mb/s. Worth a try to see if it helps.

  • so in the above image, I am allocating 10% of my bandwidth to games, and games have a very high priority, just below qACK

    now I have circled in green the 10% bandwidth and the checkbox "Borrow from other queues when available"

    in this particular pfsense page, does that checkbox mean, share my 10% bandwidth with the other queues (qP2P and qOthersHigh)

    or does that checkbox on that page mean, when I need more than my 10% bandwidth, go borrow from the other queues.

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