NIC not working

  • hi everyone…

    i've got an old compaq 19" server. i hoped it would be a perfect plattform for pfSense. unfortunately the nic doesn't show up.

    The NIC ("Intel EtherExpress Pro / 100B Fast Ethernet Card") is listed in the official hardware list.

    has anyone a solution for me? thank you

  • Are you sure the NIC is working ok?

  • @Cry:

    Are you sure the NIC is working ok?

    Yes. on FreeBSD 7.0 its working fine for me. not tested on 6.2 or 6.3 but same effect on m0n0wall. its not working.

    is there a way to disable auto-detection and assign manualy a driver for the nics?

  • I had a similar issue, it's on the list but does not work.  However, pfSense and FreeBSD found it just find, m0n0**** did not.  pfSense seems to be real good at intels, 3coms, and I think netgear, from what i've used.  As far as what you were asking, it's easier to get some other NIC's rather than try and do a workaround.

  • If it works in FreeBSD 7.0, it'll work in 1.2.1.

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