Use pfsense to filter trafic with group based rules

  • I have a 25 computer network with 1 pfsense box (with squid installed) and 1 openLDAP server configured & working , 70% of the network is wired the rest is password protected wireless. Right now all computers use dhcp and squid is configured as transparent proxy.

    I want to split the computer users in 3 groups and each group would have filtered internet access with different rules. All the users have admin rights on computers (locally) so they can change network / proxy configs that's why I prefer to have all the configs and restrictions on servers where they don't have access.

    how can I link the transparent proxy with the openLDAP server to check the logged in user, or any other alternatives to this to achieve the same goal not necessary using the same setup.

  • squidGuard does URL filtering and can integrate with an LDAP server.

  • How can I use squid as a transparent proxy ?  one of the groups use console applications that require internet access and there is no option to configure proxy for them

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