PRIQ - No LAN Bandwidth from wizard

  • After going through the traffic shaping wizard for Multi-WAN, Multi-LAN, selecting PRIQ for both and entering the up/down values for my single WAN connection, my LAN queue has no bandwidth associated on it. I'm not sure if this is intentional.

    Do I need to have my desired WAN upload limit put on my LAN queue?

  • WAN is upload, LAN is download.

    I think it defaults to the interface's bandwidth, which is logical when using PRIQ on download (since download cannot technically be "prioritized" because the data has already arrived and moving it from a slow WAN to a fast LAN will encounter virtually no queue/buffer).

    What version of pfSense are you running? Did you input a bandwidth when setting up download within the wizard?

  • Shaping the downstream is much less effective because the data has already been sent and you're shaping on the wrong side of the bottleneck, but there is still benefit because dropping/marking packets will still signal TCP to backoff. The bigger issue with shaping the download is you need to wait for the RTT before TCP can slow down, but on the upload, it's effectively instant.

  • Sorry, I knew I should've included the WAN screenshot as well :P Now attached.

    I'm running v2.2.5 (have not had time to upgrade to 2.2.6 yet).

    I guess the real reason I'm asking is because I seem to have bufferbloat (see queue screenshot). I have "Codel Active Queue" checked for all queues already.

    Does this look normal, or have I missed something?

  • You have missed something. It seems like you do not understand what bufferbloat is.

    PPS is practically unrelated to bufferbloat.

  • Nope! Fair enough :)

    Sounds like I have the basics of PRIQ set up correctly, thanks!

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