Automatic outgoing NAT not working an hour after a reboot

  • Strange problem. A small description of my setup:

    • PfSense 2.2.6 running on as VPS with multiple vlans
    • One WAN connection
    • 5 internal networks, 5 /29 subnetworks in 10.x.x.0/24 network
    • One IPsec connection to one of our suppliers
    • A few port forwards to an internal webserver (ports 80 & 443)
    • Outgoing NAT configured as automatic. All internal networks are translated to WAN IP address.
    • Sucicata is installed, enabled on the WAN interface but it doesn't look like it is dropping traffic

    When I reboot the firewall outgoing NAT works but after about an hour it suddenly stops.

  • Case closed. Suricate was the cause of all the problems we had.
    I've added the IP addresses that were not NAT-ed to the pass list and it worked.

    Topic can be closed.

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