Pfsense fail to install from sata drive

  • Hello,

    I am planning to install psense 2.2.5 on the following setup

    Intel Desktop motherboard DG31PR with Intel core 2 Duo e4600 @2.4 Ghz
    2+2 GB = 4 Gb ddr2 ram, 160 GB SATA seagate HDD, Sata DVDRW.

    It simply fails to boot.( I am unable to install)
    It stops at mountroot> prompt.
    Gives errror 16.

    I searched the net, people have suggested to use

    But doesn't help.  Tried disabling AHCI but doesn't work. I think it is something to do with SATA because it boots fine with IDE controller.

    Please help.

  • Get the amd64 memstick pfSense image and try out to install form an USB pen drive
    and please try also disable the DVD drive or disconnect it. I think this is a better way
    to get success.

  • Its been a while but I had the same issue when I first built an HP DC6xxx system.  In the BIOS, play around with the mode on the hard drive.  Once I hit the right mode it sailed right through that prompt and ran for ages.

  • Thank you for all the support. You guys come to rescue when ever I am struck.

    All these while I used to install using CD, typically it used to take ~20 min. And with this particular motherboard it completely failed.

    As recommended by BlueKobold I installed from USB pen drive and zoom it went with out any issue. It took just 90 sec for the whole installation.

    Thank you.

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