PFSense FTP Firewall rules (Virtual Network)

  • I don't know much about PFSense and am confused as to how I would go about allow myself to connect to a FTP Server "externally"

    When I say externally what I mean is what I have a Windows 2012 Server running an IIS Web Server on windows 2012 installed as a VM and I have PFSense installed in a VM.

    My PFSense and Windows 2012 Server are linked together and I am using PFSense as a firewall / router for my server.

    So I am trying to use one machine that is external to my virtual network, to FTP into my Windows 2012 VM to allow me access to my web server.

    However, I have tried opening port 21 for an unsecure FTP Server and port 990 for an implicit connection but I am clueless as to why it doesnt work.

    I would be greatful for some assistance if anybody has any idea!

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