WAN failover with vlans + ovpn connections + policy based traffic

  • Hi,

    I am hoping that someone can assist with this very complicated setup request from a client.
    Client is a 10 user environment that uses adsl and teamviewer for supporting a custom built application.

    Current Set up:

    Pfsense box 2 NICS (External bridge to 10mbps ADSL Modem, Internal LAN Interface (2 VLANS))
    Currently have users using ovpn + 1 site to site VPN routed to VLAN 10.
    VLAN 10 is for DATA Users, VLAN20 for development Network.
    Dynamic IP using no-ip.org


    They want to purchase an LTE USB Dongle and use as a Failover Link only for VLAN10 and OVPN Connections.
    They have also asked the possibility of routing the teamviewer traffic over the LTE connection as upload speeds are much faster than ADSL.

    What are the possibilities of this with PFSENSE? and how would you go about the setup?

    Hopefully someone can assist and an advance thank you.