• Hey,

    I have setup 2 openVPN clients on my Pfsense only problem is when I connect to the WAN I get the DNS as the IP of my openVPN connection. I am not sure how you can set different DNS servers for each interface, as I would like the VPN interfaces to connect to there own DNS servers but want the WAN to connect to google DNS servers.

    I have set up the 2 openVPN servers to use different IP ranges and the WAN to use the rest. EG: Local VPN is set on, The USA VPN is set to and the WAN is set for all other IP addresses that the VPN's are not taking up.

    So not really sure how to set the DNS per interface I tried in general setup, I set WAN to use and but when I connect to the WAN IP I get my ISP IP but the DNS I get from the Local VPN server IP. I mean this is not a huge issue and may be alright for security maybe but I game a bit online and not sure if that would affect ping times or not I have not really tested them yet.

    Any help would be good.

  • You may be able to achieve what you want to indirectly by:

    1. Navigating to Services/DHCP Server/LAN
    2. Scrolling to the bottom and adding DHCP Static Mappings for the relevant IP numbers
    3. As part of each Static Mapping you can specify the DNS servers for that speciific IP number

  • I need to put in the MAC address, I dont really want this, I want a IP range like to has different DNS then and then the rest of the network that uses WAN to have another DNS, I guess if its possible I could allocate 1 IP per range per PC or will that not work? So one PC (with the one mac address) will have 3 separate IP addresses in the static mapping.

  • The Additional Pools section in Services/DHCP Server/LAN may help you - you can set DNS servers for IP ranges there.

    Sorry - I can't help with your question regarding  "3 separate IP addresses in the static mapping"