Filter.log showing IPV6 addresses

  • My filter.log file on a pfsense firewall running 1.2-RC4 is showing ipv6 addresses.  It subsequently is also showing ipv6 logs on the remote syslog server.  I have no devices that I am aware of that are using ipv6 and if there are any, they shouldn't be.  How can I get the logs to show the IPv4 addresses?  The web log viewer shows ipv4 addresses, but the filter.log shows ipv6.

    Any ideas?

    here's a sample from my log

    2008-07-08T15:49:59+07:00 <>pfsense-int pf: 1. 218631 rule 67/0(match): block in on bge0: (hlim 255, next-header: UDP (17), length: 120) fe80::21b:63ff:fe04:491e.5353 > ff02::fb.5353: [|domain]</>

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