• Is there a way to control how often a Firewall Alias URL is refreshed/updated?

  • I think they're only updated once per day and there is no way to control it.

  • Use url table alias instead if you want the alias to be updated.

    Don't quote me on this but I think url alias is a one time thing when saved.

  • [2.2.6-RELEASE][admin@pfsense.bhf.net]/root: ps ax | grep 'url'
    42622  -  Is       0:00.00 /usr/local/bin/minicron 86400 /var/run/update_alias_url_data.pid /usr/local/sbin/fcgicli -f /etc/rc.update_alias_url_data
    42800  -  I        0:00.00 minicron: helper /usr/local/sbin/fcgicli -f /etc/rc.update_alias_url_data  (minicron)
    85776  0  S+       0:00.00 grep url

    86400 = one a day for me.

    It's set up from config.xml - and put here /etc/crontab …... (I guess).