DHCPD (v6) uses all space in /var

  • If I use DHCP for IPV6 (only simple range, no advanced options) the CPU starts running hot and over 30 minutes or so the /var is full!

    /var/dhcpd/var/db and  /var/dhcpd/var

    Why and what can I do ???

    [2.2.6-RELEASE][admin@pfsense.wedia.de]/var: du -h ./
    4.0K    ./.snap
    4.0K    ./db/entropy
     12M    ./db/rrd
    4.0K    ./db/pingstatus
    4.0K    ./db/pingmsstatus
     12M    ./db
    4.0K    ./spool/lock
    8.0K    ./spool
    4.0K    ./tmp/vi.recover
    8.0K    ./tmp
    112K    ./run
    4.0K    ./log/ntp
    9.6M    ./log
     52K    ./etc/openvpn
     56K    ./etc/openvpn-csc
    4.0K    ./etc/l2tp-vpn
    164K    ./etc
    4.0K    ./at/jobs
    8.0K    ./at
    4.0K    ./empty
    8.0K    ./dhcpd/var/run
     21M    ./dhcpd/var/db
     21M    ./dhcpd/var
    512B    ./dhcpd/dev/fd
    512B    ./dhcpd/dev/usb
    512B    ./dhcpd/dev/ufs
    512B    ./dhcpd/dev/ufsid
    512B    ./dhcpd/dev/pts
    3.0K    ./dhcpd/dev
     12K    ./dhcpd/etc
    1.9M    ./dhcpd/usr/local/sbin
    1.9M    ./dhcpd/usr/local
    1.9M    ./dhcpd/usr
    1.5M    ./dhcpd/lib
    4.0K    ./dhcpd/run
     25M    ./dhcpd
    4.0K    ./cron/tabs
    8.0K    ./cron
     47M    ./

  • Sanitized install, packages & config ? What are the logs pointing at ?
    What's /var/dhcpd/var/db/dhcpd6.leases telling you ?

    pfSense 2.2.6, Show us:
    -Interfaces: LAN
    -Services: DHCPv6 server
    -Services: Router advertisements

  • Looks like it's the leases file. Check the contents of /var/dhcpd/var/db/dhcpd6.leases and see what's filling it up. The couple times others have reported similar, they had some buggy device that would request a lease over and over and over even though it got one, and would pile up a massive leases file.

  • THX!

    The Problem was an impropper configuration of the IPV6-LAN-Interface. I just forgot to set an vIP and different IP's for the two pfSense.

    So both of the DHCP gave their very best to provide even more adresses that the other one. As I fixed that the battle stopped and now this is working fine