PfSense is brilliant

  • I'm not usually one to leave "clap-clap" style messages but after my recent experience - I feel I have to.

    I had been using pfSense for some time on a clapped out old Dell PC as our primary gateway for our VoIP phones.  We currently have 12 Snom phones connecting to an Hosted PBX over a 768k SDSL link.

    We had some minor issues with the phones that I now know were related to the Voice Provider - but at the time I suspected pfSense.

    So I replaced the Dell with a Sonicwall TZ-190 - and after a solid 2 months of testing, hacking, discussing, cajoling and crying - I've ditched it.  I even tried the latest beta firmware - no joy.  The Sonicwall forums were little help - and I would have persevered until I found a posting on a tucked away little support group indicating there's a known problem with the way Sonicwall do their consistent NAT. (It's not consistent!)

    I went back to my old faithful pfSense box and voila!  All of the problems had gone away.

    Now we have perfect VoIP - even with all 12 phones active.  They can transfer to each other and with have no glitches or drop out.

    My next step is to move this pfSense instance onto a DL360 HP Rack Server (way overkill).

    Thank you to everyone involved in the production of pfSense.  It's awesome.  It's reliable.  It's easy to use.

    Cheers, Jason

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