Roadwarrior split subnets

  • Good Morning

    I'm trying to achive to connect to different subnets with thegreenbow VPN client.

    I have a Phase 2 connection with subnet:
    and a second phase 2 connection with subnet:

    I need some Clients to connect to the first subnet and some to connect to the second.

    If I provide a virtual address pool to the client, it connects automaticly to the first phase 2 connection. So I haven't got a possibility to connect to the second phase 2 connection.

    If I take away the virtual address pool and enter it manually in to the client I get an error saying TS_Unacceptable on Clients side.
    On PFSense side its

    charon: 15[IKE] <con10|6>traffic selectors|/0 ===|/0 inacceptable

    the IP is manually entered in to the vpn client.

    Does anybody know what to do?