• I am having some issues with WiFi on my network, primarily with mobile phones. I currently have a Nighthawk R7000 running the latest firmware in AP mode connected to a Netgear Prosafe JGS524PE via WAN port which is then connected to pfSense. The problem is that web browsing on mobile phones works just fine, but when it comes to streaming or downloading, it doesn't work. Connections time out. I'm don't think it's the router as I have another (Asus router) set up in the same config except for a isolated guest network.

    I have done everything short of a factory reset. I have confirmed that no other network is on the same channel as my local WiFi network. If I turn WiFi off on the phone and just use the mobile network everything loads instantly. This is with other phones on the network also, not just mine. I have a Note 5 and the gf has S6, both with the same exact issues.

    Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?