• i use a squid proxy to control my kids from going to certain sites. anyway, because of this i have to set up a proxy pass through rule to handle devices like tv's and gaming consoles because i do not want them hitting the proxy. so after that i have blocks on 80 and 443 to ensure the proxy can't be skirted on the devices i do want proxied. i think this may be causing some of my shaping issues.
    so reading, floating rules (where i have my shaping rules currently) are supposed to kick in prior to the lan rules. But i think the proxy rule is messing things up.
    my question is should i be using floating, lan or both to do my shaping. when i look at my queues, my tv's are hitting my gaming queue even though the alias associated with the gaming queue only having gaming devices. i'm trying to get this sorted as i just got ooma voip and while the calls sound good, i don't want those packets to get crushed with gaming and streaming traffic.
    if someone can guide me a bit it would be appreciated, not sure what screen grabs are needed but i can supply if asked.