Dashboard gone / unable to reinstall

  • Hi, after I updated to 1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-20080708-0410 (im running 1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-20080708-0725 now) the Dashboard package just dissapeart.
    Now i can't reinstall it because it's not even listed in the available packages list…
    I tryed "Reinstall packages" under Backup/restore but that didn't help...

  • him also to me he has disappeared from the packets but I find it in the menu status.
    I imagine both become an integrated form and not more a packet.

  • :(

    now with the last version (1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT - built on Thu Jul 10 00:10:45 EDT 2008) it doesn't work.

    the DashBoard there is not even in the list of the packets.

    I have tried to restore a backup without the save of the packages but it doesn't have work.

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