URGENT | Your IP address has changed

  • Hi There!
    I've a Multi WAN Network, and have configured Load Balancing and Fail Over on the Gateways. The issue is whenever I'm trying to access the cPanel of any website or any other Session related services, My Session drops out and it keep saying that "You IP address has changed".

    The only way I found out is to lower the security in the cPanel, which is not a good solution, as I've multiple VLANs running in the Network as well and the Network is as well isolated on 1 of the VLAN available only for guests.

    The other VLANs are Mac Binded, someone have an idea about this, kindly help me in this regard.

    Thanx in Advance.
    Waiting for an urgent reply.

  • I've the same situation as below:

    and I've made the changes as well, forgot to mention that no rule has been setup on VLANs, all the changes I've made on LAN, but still I'm not able to get the session locked, it keep dropping the session out.

  • Not Sure on HTTPS, but by enabling Sticky Connection fix it, Still Testing …